Anita's Profile

She is an accomplished Bharat Natyam dancer. 

Choreographed her first song at the age of 15 and given a number of performances since then.

She has done her Bachelors in Bharat Natyam with Distinction Bombay Art Society under the guidance of Pt. Ravi Sharma. She has a teaching degree for the same. Given various performances in India. Anita is an accomplished Bharat Natyam Dancer and has done her bachelors in Bharat
Natyam from the Bombay Art Society. She has done various performances in India and US and runs her own school in Coral Springs and surrounding cities called Nrityanjali International Performing Arts (NIPA) where she trains kids from 2 1/2 year old to adults 65 year olds. She had the opportunity to perform at events like Zee Heritage Festival and many others. She has participated in many competitions like Fogana, IRCC Talent Show, Orlando Dance Competition and many more and won at the regional and national levels.
Her dance style includes but is not limited to Classical, Semi classical, Contemporary, Western Fusion, Indian Folk and Bollywood. She also choreographs for social events like Mehendi, Weddings, Receptions, Private Parties, Birthday Parties and Corporate events. She has promoted dance on national and international level by organizing dance competitions and is been associated with Sony TV International for organizing Boogie Woogie Competitions in two states: Florida and Georgia.
She also promotes and helps to choreograph dance videos as profiles to submit to
Bollywood Fraternity for those who want to pursue a career in Bollywood Film Industry

She has also judged various dance competition events in the cities in US.  Also, In the US; over the past 13 years, she has performed and choreographed 50-55 different group dances. Some of them are but not limited to:

*       Judged the Orlando Dance Competition 2010, Orlando

*        Judge on the Aavishkar Dance Competition Event 2010, New Jersey

*       Group dances for children - folk, filmi and patriotic. Group sizes in these  dances have ranged from 2 - 16 participants. Participants' ages ranged from 4 - 45 years.

*      Performed at a Wee Dream Ball Charity Event for Florence Fuller Centers in Boca, Florida to raise funds to ensure that the at-risk children have access to the early childhood education, health and wellness programs, and nurturing child care services that they need.

*      Local Boogie Woogie Promoter Florida 2008; Florida and Georgia 2009

*      Groups participated in Asian Food Fests and Cultural Fair 2008 and 2009

The organizations/ events she has choreographed and performed for are:

*        IRCC (South Florida) - Filmy song Choreographed for age group 3-8 years in 2007 till present.

*       India Fest 2008, West Palm beach– Jinku Kinvva Maru– A Patriotic Flag Dance.

*      Groups participated in Asian Food Fests and Cultural Fair 2008 and 2009

*        Marathi Mandal (Ft Lauderdale) - bollywood songs and medleys in 2007 till present.

*        Marathi Mandal (Ft Lauderdale) - bollywood songs and medleys in 2007 till present.

*        Sunday School (Cleveland) - Bollywood song choreographed for teenagers 2006.

*         Fogana (regional and national level competition), as choreographer and manager.The groups have won regional level multiple times. In the year 2006, the group won the Nationals.*Federation of Indian Community Association, Cleveland (2 group dances per year for 2000-2005 years).

*      Various IRCC Ft. Lauderdale Shows !

*      AIA Ft. Lauderdale Shows/Events!

*       Folk dances for adults (choreographed and participated).

*       Zee TV Heritage Festival in 4 cities of the Midwest U.S 2005.

        Anita and her husband Chetan auditioned a performance; a Koli fusion dance; for Zee TV Heritage Festival and were selected to perform this dance item in 4 cities where this festival was held in 2004.

*       Marathi Mandal (Cleveland) . She has also been cultural secretary 2000-2001.